aesthetic dentistry

Dental Station is a multi-speciality dental treatment centre that has state of the art infrastructure. We have a highly dedicated and expert team of doctors that use the latest technology to deliver quality dental care to our patients. We aim to create a relaxed environment and provide pain-free treatments.



What is aesthetic dentistry

A beautiful smile can be your most impressive attribute. With a pretty smile, you can come across as a warm and friendly person. Not only can it boost your confidence but also raise your self-esteem significantly. With a pleasing smile, you can strut your personality and take over the world. On the other hand, if you are unhappy with your smile, you may feel insecure and hesitant in your interactions. It can even impact your social and professional prospects in certain situations.


Smile designing is a cosmetic process to harmonise your teeth and gums with your facial features to give you the most perfect smile. A good set of teeth can undeniably give you an ideal smile. To achieve this, any type of teeth discolouration, misalignment and decay are corrected in smile designing. For example – long teeth can give your face a more youthful appearance as small teeth are more characteristic of old age. The perfect shape and size of your teeth may also add a slimming effect to your face. The right tooth proportion and a pleasing smile line can also enhance your smile by manifolds. Along with these, several other aspects like your face, lips and gums are taken into consideration.

Why Us?

At Dental Station, we have a team of experts who carefully examine and execute your treatment plan. Dental Station boasts of qualified Periodontist, Implantologist, Orthodontist, and Aesthetic dentists to give you a smile makeover.


Whether you require a minor change or a substantial dental treatment to enhance your smile, the team at Dental Station executes it with equal commitment.


Dr Suvidh Virmani has done his specialisation in aesthetic dentistry and mastered the skill of correcting dental imperfections.


There was a time when only celebrities would opt for this treatment. With the advancement in technology, this treatment is now available to anyone and everyone who wants to achieve a perfect smile. You may evaluate this treatment if you are unhappy with your smile and suffer from any dental problems like tooth decay, loosening, crookedness or plaque.

Aesthetic Dentistry is a completely safe treatment that is free from any side-effects. However, some people may complain of minor and temporary sensitivity after the treatment.

Depending on your problems, the treatment can vary from one day to a couple of weeks.