Digital Dental X-ray

X-rays are quite common and also popularly known as radiographs. They are a vital part of any dental care treatment routine as the process of diagnosis is done by doing an x-ray. We have a team of professionals who are completely skilled in performing digital dental x-ray and have a clear idea of how to take the procedure further.



Why Digital Dental X-ray

An x-ray is a kind of energy that passes right through soft tissues and is captivated by dense tissue. Bones and teeth are quite dense, so they easily absorb X rays,whereas X-rays pass effortlessly through cheeks and gums.

To find possible oral care problems, we perform an x-ray in a patient’s mouth before they turn into a huge problem. The digital dental x-ray allows our experts to:

  • Locate cavities if any
  • Check out your tooth roots
  • Examine the health of the bony area surrounding your tooth.
  • Decide if periodontal disease is an oral care problem.
  • Find the exact status of developing teeth.
  • Monitor good tooth health through prevention.