In the field of dentistry, Orthodontics is the branch that corrects mispositioned and misaligned teeth and jaw. The inappropriate and crooked position of the teeth make it difficult to clean them properly and can result in early tooth decay as well as periodontal diseases that can cause various side effects such as pains and aches as well. They can also impact your appearance and your confidence.




An orthodontic treatment can help achieve the following:

  • Closure of any gaps between the teeth
  • Aligning the tips of the teeth
  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Improving speech or chewing
  • Ensuring the long-term health of gums and teeth
  • Preventing trauma of the teeth
  • Treating an improper bite

While the goal of the treatment may be to improve the overall appearance of the teeth, orthodontics can even help with better chewing and speech function. Not only does it protect teeth from long term wear and tear, it also ensures long term teeth health.

Invisible Braces

Now you can straighten your teeth without people noticing it with our Invisible transparent braces. The dental station is one of the best multispecialty dental clinics where you can get transparent braces in Noida.

Invisible braces are removable medical grade plastic appliances which patient wears instead of brackets and wires to correct the malocclusion. Dental aligners are the modern alternative to braces, for teeth that are in need of straightening. Patients who have fear or discomfort for the traditional braces treatment can easily opt for the Clear aligners treatment at our dental clinic. You can also visualize the treatment results even before the commencement of the treatment . We offer specialized services which cater correction of the smiles of patients in different age groups.


Just like your genes are responsible for your eyes, hair, looks, the features of your mouth and jaw are also inherited. Sometimes, habits and causes such as finger sucking, pacifier sucking, gum disease etc can cause crooked teeth and poor bite.

If you want to improve your smile, any age is fine to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist, though children below seven years of age need not need an appointment.

You may feel a slight discomfort or irritation in the first few days, however; it is very unlikely to feel any pain.

Yes! We recommend a follow up appointment after 3-6 months of any procedure or treatment.