Root Canal Treatment

Dental Station is a multi-speciality dental treatment centre with state of the art infrastructure. Our highly dedicated and skilled team uses modern instruments and the latest techniques to deliver quality dental care to the patients. We aim to create a relaxed environment and provide pain-free treatments.



Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is also known as endodontic therapy. In simple terms, it is the dental treatment to remove any infection from inside your tooth.


Root Canal is the pulp of the tooth that contains nerves and blood cells. These nerves give the sensation of hot and cold temperatures to the patients. The pulp may become infected due to certain reasons like tooth decay, chipping or cracking. In some other cases, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth may also result in pulp inflammation or infection.


As part of the Root Canal Treatment, first the infected pulp is removed and then the hollow part of the tooth is filled with a sealant. After the process, either a crown or fillings are used to restore and nourish the tooth.

Why Us?

There is a general perception that Root Canal Treatment is a painful procedure. However, at Dental Station, our team of experienced doctors take utmost care and precaution to deliver a relatively painless and faster treatment. We use the latest techniques to give you quality and long-lasting dental care.


At the Dental station we have state of the art infrastructure. Strict sterilization protocols are followed for all dental procedures. Single sitting painless root canal treatment is provided by an endodontist making the whole procedure comfortable and less time consuming,


We use cutting edge technology like ultrasonic activation of the irrigants which ensures thorough cleaning and diminishes the chances of reinfection.

Micro-Endodontics: Achieving excellence through microscope

We specialize in re-treatment cases of previously failed RCT treated tooth or in cases of recurrent infection.

Root canal treatment is also performed under magnification reducing the chances of error (missed canals) and the possibility of overlooking minute details.


The Root Canal Treatment is done if the pulp gets infected due to decay or an injury. This can result in toothache that can range from mild to unbearable in severity.

In reality, the treatment is done to relieve the patients of pain. Local anaesthesia is administered before the treatment to numb the area and reduce the pain.


After the treatment, you can carry on with your regular eating habits and lead a pain-free and normal life.

Removing the pulp and disinfecting the tooth may take 1-2 sittings while the entire treatment may take 2-3 weeks.

Depending upon the extent of your infection, the treatment may take one to two weeks to recover completely.

It is suggested to not chew with your tooth until the tooth has been restored with a crown or fillings.